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Bless This Home Family Blessing Friendship Best Friend
Rustic Pine
"Bless This House. Bless the ones who enter in and stay with us a while...let us treat them with respect and leave them with a smile"
UPC 741356982564
Rustic Pine
"Family Blessing. Lord, bless the family that I love and comfort them each daytime turns to nighttime, please bring them peace, I pray.  When morning comes tomorrow, let all their cares be them with your wisdom, Lord, bless them one and all"
UPC 741356982571
Rustic Green
 "Friendship. Once in a lifetime God will send a special angel to be your who loves you as you are and helps you reach the highest star.  Thatís how I feel about you, friend; youíve been there for me time and again...all my burdens have lessened some...since our friendship has begun.  God bless you and God bless me and may our friendship forever be...filled with laughter, joy and love; thatís what friendship is made of"
UPC 741356982656
Rustic Pine
"Best Friend. Inside my heart, dear friend, is a light that shines so bright...The light is the reflection, of your friendship in my life"
UPC 741356982588

Marriage Our Pastor Dad Mom
Rattan Persimmon
"Bless This Marriage. Lord, make this marriage pure and true, bring happiness their way...Grant them love that knows no bound, as You bind their hearts today"
UPC 741356981062
Rattan Chestnut
Click here: "Our Pastor. God bless our pastor, here and now, and guide him on his way...Give him words of wisdom, to impart Your will today"
UPC 7413569810079
Rustic Pine
"Dad. I know Iíve never told you, how proud Iíve always have your as my father, my teacher and my friend"
UPC 741356982595
Rustic Green
"Mom. I give these words to you Mom and hope that you will see...I love you with my heart and soul, for you mean the world to me"
UPC 741356982557

Mother Father Daughter Son
Rustic Green
"Mother. Youíve always been there for me, as a beacon in my life...Through all my trials and triumphs, your love has shined so bright"
UPC 741356982540
Rustic Pine
"Father. I really want to tell you, in a way that you will life has been blessed, from the love your heart has shown"
UPC 741356982601
Rustic Green
"Daughter. I couldnít ask for any more than what God has given me...a daughter of the sweetest kind; a blessing you are to me"
UPC 741356980966
Rustic Pine
 "Lord, grant my son many blessings, and give him room to grow...Give him wings for soaring, to heights heís never known"
UPC 741356982625

My Grandma My Grandpa Brother Sister
Rustic Green
 "My Grandma. I am thankful for my Grandma and for the memories we share...I have been blessed with someone special, whose love is always there"
UPC 741356981048
Rustic Pine
"My Grandpa. You are a treasure in our family, a gift of greatest price...Thereís no one quite as special, and no one quite as nice"
UPC 741356982618
Rustic Pine
"Brother. My brother holds a special place, locked deep within my heart...where love lives on forever, and we are never far apart"
UPC 741356982632
Rustic Green
"Sister. My sister holds a special place, locked deep within my heart...where love lives on forever, and we are never far apart"
UPC 741356982670

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