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Extensive research was conducted to reveal the ancient Coat of Arms for each name.  A heraldic artist then painted every one individually.  The origin and meaning of the family motto was carefully documented. 

13" x 16" Mahogany Burl Frame
Double-cut Beveled Double Mat
Suggested Retail $50.00

ONE Coat of Arms for display.

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Every Coat of Arms offers authentic and interesting information concerning the heritage of  each family name

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Above is an example of the type of family information included in each framed Coat of Arms

Names Available:
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Adams Allen Anderson Andrews Armstrong Atkinson Bailey Baker Ball Barker
Barnes Baxter Bell Bennett Boyd Boyle Bradley Brooks Brown Bruce
Butler Cameron Campbell Carter Chapman Clark Clarke Cole Collins Cook
Cooper Cox Cunningham Curtis Davies Davis Dixon Douglas Dunn Edwards
Elliott Ellis Evans Fisher Fletcher Foster Fox Francis Fraser George
Gibson Gilbert Gordon Graham Grant Gray Green Griffin Griffiths Hall
Hamilton Harper Harris Harrison Hart Harvey Hawkins Hay Hayes Henderson
Hewitt Hill Holland Holmes Hopkins Howard Howell Hughes Hunt Hunter
Jackson James Jenkins Johnson Johnston Johnstone Jones Kelly Kennedy Kerr
King Knight Lane Lawrence Lee Lewis Lindsay Lloyd Long Lynch
MacDonald McDonald McGregor MacKenzie McKenzie MacLean MacLeod McNeill Marsh Marshall
Martin Mason Matthews Miller Mills Milne Mitchell Moore Morgan Morris
Morrison Munro Murphy Murray Nash Nelson Newman Osborne Owen Palmer
Parker Parsons Payne Pearce Perry Phillips Porter Powell Price Ramsay
Reed Reeves Reid Reynolds Richards Richardson Roberts Robertson Robinson Rogers
Rose Ross Russell Ryan Saunders Scott Sharp Shaw Shepherd Simpson
Smith Spencer Stevens Stevenson Stewart Stokes Sutton Taylor Thomas Thompson
Turner Walker Wallace Ward Watson Webb Webster Wells West Wheeler
  White Wilkinson Williams Williamson Wilson Wood Wright Young  

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