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Framed Gifts for Grandfather

7" x 9" Solid Wood Frame
Easel Back
Suggested Retail $15.00
7" x 9" Solid Wood Frame
Easel Back
Suggested Retail $14.00
6" x 8" Solid Wood
Easel Back
Suggested Retail $15.00
Rustic Pine
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"My Grandpa. You are a treasure in our family, a gift of greatest price...There’s no one quite as special, and no one quite as nice"
UPC 741356982618
Rustic Green
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 "Walking with Grandpa. I like to walk with Grandpa, his steps are short like mine. He doesn't say, 'Now hurry up!' He always takes his time. Most people have to hurry, they do not stop and see. I'm glad that God made Grandpa, 'Unrushed' and young like me."
UPC 741356975498
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Click here: "I love my Grandpa. My Grandpa is my hero, the way he takes the time, to run and play and tease me, my Grandpa’s the bestest kind.  Grandpa, you are tops, in everything you do, you’re like a kid, only better and Grandpa,  'I love you'"
UPC 741356981093

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